The company is registered at PFTC and we receive our training material from ITA (International Training Academy)

Our company provides firearm training to the public which includes the following:

  • Knowledge of the Control Act 2000 (Act no. 60 of 2000)
  • Handle and use a Handgun
  • Handle and use a Shotgun
  • Handle and use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine
  • Handle and use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine

After finalizing his competency, a person can now apply for license for a handgun and rifle.

We also provide training for Business Purposes for Handgun, Shotgun, Self-loading rifle or carbine and Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine.

After finalizing his competency for Business purposes, the applicant can work in a security environment or weapon dealership where he can now handle weapons and ammunition legally.

We do competency for range officers as well where a qualified applicant can then assist at a shooting range to help and run the shooting exercises for the day.

We also do refresher training for normal individuals that already obtained a competency for the particular weapon: handgun, shotgun, rifle.

Refresher training for security personnel help them to improve their skills to handle all types of weapons in their daily work environment.

Please contact us for new or refresher training we will assist in the best way possible.